Blossom is an educational program that provides mothers of adolescent girls the tools to help their daughters (ages 10-14) embrace the beauty written into their bodies. This presentation is perfect for a mother’s group or parish event! Many mother’s feel inadequate when it comes to talking to their daughters about puberty and sexuality; Blossom teaches techniques to approach these conversations with confidence. While other organizations like Planned Parenthood encourage children to look outside the home for answers on their developing body, it is the St. John Paul II Life Center’s goal to increase communication in the family. This is an opportunity for mothers to bond with their daughters and create a relationship with open and honest communication. Mothers will learn how to explain:

  • The physical changes of puberty
  • Vocations
  • God’s gift of fertility
  • The basics of charting the menstrual cycle

This knowledge will have a lasting impact on their daughters, creating a genuine appreciation for their bodies and their lives by building the foundation for them to develop a lifetime of self-love and personal empowerment.

Learn how to give the “Talk” you wish your mom gave you. Host a Blossom event at your school, parent group, or church. Please contact us here to get started.