A Glimpse Inside is an exciting educational program initiated by the JPII Life Center that shows that the unborn child is a dynamic and unique individual person. This program offers a rare opportunity to see a live sonogram of a baby growing within a mother’s womb. At this event, attendees of all ages will learn stages of fetal development, see and hear a baby’s heartbeat and witness the scientific reality of life in the womb explained by a board-certified physician, and have the opportunity to ask questions. As the audience sees the baby in the womb move around, wave, and suck their thumb it becomes evident that this is a human being deserving of the right to life. We have now expanded this program to include thought-provoking questions on human dignity that challenge attendees and prepare them to have conversations with others on when life begins, becoming pro-life advocates! With 3,000 babies aborted in the U.S. everyday, we need a to prepare this next generation to end abortion.

“I believe a “Glimpse Inside” contributed to my son feeling comfortable to talk openly with me about sex, abortion, and contraception and helped form in my children’s minds the connection between sex, marriage, responsibility, and the sacredness of life, within the context of God’s design.” A.L.

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