Hope in God's Providence- Baby Glen's Story

The last time Stephanie was pregnant, a healthcare worker shattered her dreams. Now pregnant again, she was frantically trying to get a sonogram from someone who would support her choice to parent.

A year before finding the St. John Paul II Life Center, Stephanie was pregnant and started receiving prenatal care from a community healthcare center. One day when Stephanie came in for a routine check-up, the nurse looked at her and said, “you know, it is not too late to get an abortion.” Stephanie was crushed; she and her husband were excited to be parents. They did not know how they would afford all the expenses, but they were determined to make it happen. They knew God would provide for their little family. Unfortunately, they miscarried shortly after this conversation.

Stephanie felt that this was her fault; if the idea of abortion never entered her head, maybe she wouldn’t have miscarried. We see this a lot at our center. Many women who miscarry after considering abortion or being pressured to have an abortion think the miscarriage is their fault. Maybe the baby did not feel wanted and gave up, or maybe God was punishing them. Of course, this is not true; the loss of their child was not caused by these thoughts and is not a punishment from God.

Stephanie showed up at the St. John Paul II Life Center right before closing without an appointment. She shared the treatment she experienced the last time she was pregnant and how she could not go through that again. We insured Stephanie that her miscarriage was not her fault; we mourned the loss of her first baby and celebrated the gift of this new life growing within her.

Stephanie and Alex became frequent visitors of the St. John Paul II Life Center. We helped them monthly with diapers, wipes, hygiene products and clothes. Stephanie was ecstatic to receive maternity clothes. Having clothes that fit and made her feel beautiful was a simple comfort she was missing. We gave them a stroller/car seat combo, pack ‘n play and many other essential items for their home. Alex’s mother visited center and said as she cried tears of joy, “Thank you! I didn’t know how they would get these items for my grandson.”

Stephanie became a patient of the Vitae Clinic, a medical practice that understands every life is a gift. She was excited to receive care from an OB-GYN clinic. She felt peace knowing that our doctors help women who experience recurrent miscarriages carry their baby to term. Beautiful Baby Glen was delivered by Dr. Weidaw and is very loved by his wonderful parents. Stephanie and Alex were right; if they said yes to the gift of life, God would provide. In this case, it was through the support of the St. John Paul II Life Center.

With the increasing demand for baby items caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we are running low on supplies. Please consider donating one of the items below. You can have them shipped straight to the center, 1600 W 38th St. Suite 110, Austin, TX 78731.

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